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Dustin van Vugt - 10/05/16

Dear John –

One year ago, we were in the middle of the 2015 election. We were busy defending our Conservative government’s record from baseless attacks.

And we weren’t just being attacked by the Liberals – countless third party groups sprung up, with the sole purpose of ensuring we didn’t win – spending hundreds of thousands of dollars going after our good work.

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You might remember this ominous ad, put out by left-leaning “Engage Canada”, a group we now know had strong Liberal ties. They claimed that our health care policies would hurt Canadians:

At the time, the Liberals piled on with them, referring to our plan for health care transfers as “austerity”, “dictatorial”, and an “attack on our seniors and our most vulnerable.”

That was, of course, ridiculous. But it didn’t stop the Liberals from piggy backing off these third party groups’ big money TV ads.

One problem - the Liberals now acknowledge their attacks on our policies were baseless – so they are adopting them.

That’s right – after shamelessly attacking our plan during the election, last week Justin Trudeau’s Liberals adopted our health care plan!

They pulled a bait-and-switch – they and these third party groups purposely misinformed Canadians into believing that our plans were somehow scary, and then, after winning the election, went ahead and used them.

The Liberals and their third party groups were never interested in facts, or informing Canadians about the issues - they simply wanted to slander our Party.

The Liberals have the union bosses and third party groups behind them, combined spending millions of dollars to spread their propaganda against us.

We Conservatives rely on ordinary Canadians like you to fight back.

We are the voice of the Canadian taxpayer. We will continue standing up for Canadians against the Liberals’ high taxes, and the libellous smears of their third party groups.

But we can’t do it alone. Help us fight back against high taxes and third party lies – donate $50 now!

Thank you so much for your support,

Dustin van Vugt
Executive Director
Conservative Party of Canada

Our View

I cannot find confirmation but if true it verifies what I sometimes say: "a greedy person steals money, a hungry person may steal food and a stupid person may steal other peoples ideas ."


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